Monday, November 26, 2012

Surprise Hiatus?

Well hello! I'm back! Basically my only excuse for disappearing is that things got stressful with school, work and all that so, blogging took a backseat.  But I'm alive! I got back from break early Saturday morning so I had two days to relax on campus (which was deserted, so strange).  Sunday I didn't set an alarm, I just let myself sleep but being me I still woke up ready to go at 8:45.  Hey, I felt rested that's all that matters right? :) The dining hall and our food court were both closed so after wandering campus I ended up at our coffee shop.  Coffee and a cranberry orange muffin-doesn't get much better than that on a Sunday morning (in my humble opinion).

 I did the last of my homework for the beginning of this week then met up with my amiga who had just gotten back to campus for lunch at the dining hall.  Knowing their college kids well, they serve breakfast until like 3 pm on the weekends and since I had missed it that morning, I went with eggs, potatoes, fruit and yogurt.  Some carrot sticks for good measure too of course.
 Seeing that vacation didn't technically end until this morning, I nestled into my bed and watched Friday Night Lights on Netflix until I had to go to work.  Before I left, I had a multigrain English muffin with some vegan butter and apricot jelly.  Hit the spot!

  Bleh. Work. Necessary evil I know, but the shifts go so slowly it drives me a bit crazy sometimes.  I stopped by the dining hall on the way back to my dorm for a quick salad.  Spinach, golden raisins, green bell peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, broccoli and a bit of ranch dressing. 

  I normally just skip dressing altogether but for a big salad like this it really makes the difference.  However, it seems that I should've added something more substantial to my meal because about an hour later I dug into a pint of ice cream that I had and ate way too much of it...Note to self: put it in a bowl next time! It happens to the best of us. Here's to the final push of the semester!! 

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