Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Autumn!!

TGIF ;) Despite the fact that I still can't work out because of my back, today was a wonderful end to the week!  I let my self sleep in a bit until 7:30 (I've become a morning person) then got ready and headed to the dining hall for some breakfast.  I'll openly admit that I not a pleasant person to interact with if I wait too long to eat in the morning-it happens.  For me, breakfast is the easiest at school because there's always the basics to fall back on: cereal, oatmeal(or grits for all you southerners), scrambled eggs, fruit, and yogurt.  Today I got a scoop of scrambled egg whites with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese, hash browns, and a bowl of pineapple and grapes mixed with strawberry yogurt.  Clearly some of these didn't quite make it to the picture taking...whoops... 
Coffee of course is a given, this morning it was accompanied by a splash of pumpkin spice creamer...yum! I had awoken to an email this morning that my first class was cancelled so I headed over to the library to knock out some work and then chilled in my dorm until lunch with some Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and apples and cheese (my go to snack).

We have a big food court that takes "dollars" from our meal plan with an Einsteins Bagels place-my weakness, in case you can't tell by the name of my blog, so I go there a lot.  Today was a toasted Honey Whole Wheat Bagel with Garden Veggie cream cheese.
I had never tried the veggie cream cheese before but I think I like it.  It didn't taste the way I had expected but no complaints here!  I paired it with a carton of milk for old times sake, though sadly there was no's a struggle.  After class I forced my self to work on a paper for a bit and headed over to Fridays at the Quad with some friends.  F.A.Q.s are awesome events that Tulane puts on every Friday where they bring in yummy local food and local bands to our main quad and it's all FREE. Music to my broke college student ears.  This week was Jimmy John's, a sandwich chain that apparently is famous in the Mid West-I had never heard of it, I had a mini veggie sub which was decent but not amazing.  It hit the spot though-and it's free, can't complain :).
I munched on the chips later that evening...spicy cajun is spicy!  Only in New Orleans would they have chips called crawtators...gotta love it!  We hung out for a bit enjoying the gorgeous weather then decided to go the dining hall to get some more substantial food.  I split an un-pictured PB&J with my friend along with another bowl of fruit and yogurt similar to the one I had at breakfast.  The days are starting to get a bit crisper, which in New Orleans is a chilly mid-seventies with a breeze but I've been loving it! Throw me a few more rainy days and I'll be a happy camper. A family member recently sent me their old rain jacket in the mail too, so of course I'm ready to rock that on campus too.  Pardon it's largeness and my awkward selfie-ness (it was for my Mama)
To celebrate October my dorm held a small Fall Festival with music and s'mores and all things pumpkin. I love hanging out with friends outside on gorgeous evenings like today's, events like this remind why I love my school.  I was feeling weirdly snacky today so I split a pumpkin muffin with my roommate at the was perfect.  Everything in moderation!  Camp out with a movie on the Quad tonight and perhaps more adventures? Have I mentioned that I love my school?

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