Monday, November 26, 2012

Surprise Hiatus?

Well hello! I'm back! Basically my only excuse for disappearing is that things got stressful with school, work and all that so, blogging took a backseat.  But I'm alive! I got back from break early Saturday morning so I had two days to relax on campus (which was deserted, so strange).  Sunday I didn't set an alarm, I just let myself sleep but being me I still woke up ready to go at 8:45.  Hey, I felt rested that's all that matters right? :) The dining hall and our food court were both closed so after wandering campus I ended up at our coffee shop.  Coffee and a cranberry orange muffin-doesn't get much better than that on a Sunday morning (in my humble opinion).

 I did the last of my homework for the beginning of this week then met up with my amiga who had just gotten back to campus for lunch at the dining hall.  Knowing their college kids well, they serve breakfast until like 3 pm on the weekends and since I had missed it that morning, I went with eggs, potatoes, fruit and yogurt.  Some carrot sticks for good measure too of course.
 Seeing that vacation didn't technically end until this morning, I nestled into my bed and watched Friday Night Lights on Netflix until I had to go to work.  Before I left, I had a multigrain English muffin with some vegan butter and apricot jelly.  Hit the spot!

  Bleh. Work. Necessary evil I know, but the shifts go so slowly it drives me a bit crazy sometimes.  I stopped by the dining hall on the way back to my dorm for a quick salad.  Spinach, golden raisins, green bell peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, broccoli and a bit of ranch dressing. 

  I normally just skip dressing altogether but for a big salad like this it really makes the difference.  However, it seems that I should've added something more substantial to my meal because about an hour later I dug into a pint of ice cream that I had and ate way too much of it...Note to self: put it in a bowl next time! It happens to the best of us. Here's to the final push of the semester!! 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Yoga: The magic pill

Dining halls can be exhaustively frustrating-let me just say that.  Breakfast was a large disappointment.  There was no omelet bar, no cheese, no yogurt and a VERY limited fruit selection and of yeah-no coffee! Tragic *cue pathetic music*.  I ended up with a small bowl of cantaloupe, some egg whites with salt and pepper and potatoes.  That clearly wasn't solid fuel so I also devoured an unpictured English Muffin with some peanut butter.  On my way to the library I stopped by our campus PJ's coffee (kind of like the Starbucks of New Orleans) and filled up a thermos with that good 'ol caffeine.  I know, I know, coffee is not always the greatest but I love the taste and it's a nice pick me up some mornings-what can I say, I live life on the edge!
Library time was enjoyed doing last minute homework and studying for my last midterm (!!!). While I was there I snacked on a peanut butter Kashi granola bar for some brain fuel (that's how that works right?). Healthy granola bars are a great dorm staple!
In between classes I headed back to my room to enjoy a really awesome thing called Go Picnic which are basically healthy lunchables for adults that use only wholesome ingredients without all those weird ingredients.  My Mom has been great about sticking these in care-packages for me and they're yummy and super handy.  Today I had the Black Bean dip version for the first time and I think I'm a fan :)
I gave the dark chocolate to my roommate and she gave me this little cookie from a care package her Mom had sent her. I love owls and this one's so adorable that I almost didn't want to eat it! It was delicious though so...I didn't feel bad for too long.
Work,work, work all the long day with a quick break for some bananas, pretzels and White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter.  So good! I'm almost out of peanut butter it's a tragedy-I'm so sad. Why can't more peanut butter just appear when you're almost out? There's an idea right?

My back has still been bothering me and I almost didn't work out again because of it but I decided that some yoga sounded really good today.  I used a beginner's DVD that I had and did a quick 30 minutes in my room.  It wasn't really a workout per se but it felt great, my back even feels better! I love yoga-it has been way too long I need to get back into classes or at least get a more useful DVD! The peanut butter left me pretty full so I just had a bowl of oatmeal in my room for dinner.  One packet of multigrain raisin oatmeal, golden raisins, honey and some pumpkin pie spice all mixed together in my fancy china.  Sadly this was all that was left when I realized that I had forgotten to snap a picture.  Oh well, you get the idea...:)
I had a meeting with this really awesome new organization on campus and as a "snack" a girl brought milk and petit fours.  So fancy and cute of course I had to try one! I enjoyed half a glass of 1% milk with it as well-such a perfect little treat.
Did anyone else watch the presidential election?  I just love how sassy both candidates have gotten in this election.  Politics is the best form of entertainment by far.  Gotta love A'murica ;)
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Study Sunday Funday

It was a gorgeous day in the 504 but sadly I spent little of the enjoying it...oh well, another one will come soon I'm sure :) Breakfast! I had some scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheddar cheese, strawberry yogurt with sliced almonds and potatoes.  I got a small bowl of pineapple and grapes too after they finally put out the fruit (the dining hall sadly isn't the most time efficient). 
After breakfast it was to the library (again) for some productive time.  It went a lot better today than yesterday, though I still feel gross generally...such unfortunate timing.  While there I had had some brain power fueled by a cute little banana.
The library has become a refuge for me, it's weirdly de-stressing for me and I'm able to get a lot done so I don't really mind spending so much time in it lately.  The life of a college kid ;) Lunch was late and all I wanted was soup.  Luckily they did have a vegetarian option and it sounded yummy-I love when things work out! It was corn and potato chowder and I paired it with a spinach salad topped with beets (!!!), tomatoes, and a little bit of chopped hard boiled eggs.
Some praline Blue Bell ice cream (so southern, right?) may have been devoured afterwards...I knocked out a bit more work then spent the lazing around, talking on the phone, pinteresting, and watching netflix.  A pretty good afternoon...I felt munchie so I had the last of my apples and some pretzels with a bit of white chocolate wonderful-love this stuff, so much.  It's almost time for a new jar. 
For a late dinner I had a veggie burger topped with honey mustard, on a whole wheat bun and surprise! a spinach salad.  This time with tomatoes, shredded mozzarella and beets.  Sorry for the rough picture, I was distracted and ready to dig in.
  My night has since been filled with a quick dorm meeting, and lots and lots of Myers-Briggs tests.  It has become the fascination of our floor for some reason? I love it though, they're weirdly accurate and it's very interesting to hear everyone's!  I'm an ENFJ, the same as Barack Obama! So proud...if only Michelle and I were the same.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012


That is how I've felt today.  And for the past week or two.  Just bleh.  Everything hurts, I keep getting nausea and dizzy spells, every once in a while I get random stomach cramps and my head feels heavy all the time.  And on top of that I feel exhausted for no particular reason and yet I can't sleep.  Bleh :(. I finally bit the bullet and went to the health center first thing this morning but they were utterly unhelpful.  Being sick at school is the worst.  Nothing makes me miss home more...Whatever, I'm dealing, shit happens-to the day's eats!  I met some friends at the dining hall for breakfast before I went to the health center.  Nothing sounded great so I went with some tried and true oatmeal. 
I mixed in brown sugar, raisins and half of a banana.  I also had the other half of my banana and a little bowl of plain scrambled eggs-yeah, my appetite is a strange one.  After I left the health center I vented to my Mom on the phone for a little bit (always helps!!) then grabbed my books and headed to the library to get some studying done.  While I was there I munched on some mini pretzels which in retrospect isn't the quietest for the library...oops!  I was havin trouble focusing so after a few hours I called it quits and went to the dining hall for lunch.

I forgot to take a picture but I had a grilled cheese sandwich, a small spinach salad with beets and grape tomatoes, and a bowl of grapes with some strawberry yogurt.  I hoped a power nap would help my head but instead I layed in bed for the afternoon on the internet and watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix because I couldn't fall asleep.  That's one of the worst feelings ever-just let me sleep please!!  I wasn't super hungry because of my lazy afternoon so i warmed up some soup in my microwave.  Canned soup has come in handy many a time since I've been here, it's a great staple to have. 
I paired it with a handful of whole wheat Ritz crackers.  Soup always tastes better in an elephant mug!  I'm keeping a low profile tonight, hoping I'll start feeling better and this mystery illness will pass.  Fingers crossed! Throughout the night I've snacked on an apple with Justin's honey peanut butter and some fruit gummies from Target (my guilty pleasure ;)). 

Good night world-here's to tomorrow!  Things always seem better in the morning right?

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Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Autumn!!

TGIF ;) Despite the fact that I still can't work out because of my back, today was a wonderful end to the week!  I let my self sleep in a bit until 7:30 (I've become a morning person) then got ready and headed to the dining hall for some breakfast.  I'll openly admit that I not a pleasant person to interact with if I wait too long to eat in the morning-it happens.  For me, breakfast is the easiest at school because there's always the basics to fall back on: cereal, oatmeal(or grits for all you southerners), scrambled eggs, fruit, and yogurt.  Today I got a scoop of scrambled egg whites with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese, hash browns, and a bowl of pineapple and grapes mixed with strawberry yogurt.  Clearly some of these didn't quite make it to the picture taking...whoops... 
Coffee of course is a given, this morning it was accompanied by a splash of pumpkin spice creamer...yum! I had awoken to an email this morning that my first class was cancelled so I headed over to the library to knock out some work and then chilled in my dorm until lunch with some Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and apples and cheese (my go to snack).

We have a big food court that takes "dollars" from our meal plan with an Einsteins Bagels place-my weakness, in case you can't tell by the name of my blog, so I go there a lot.  Today was a toasted Honey Whole Wheat Bagel with Garden Veggie cream cheese.
I had never tried the veggie cream cheese before but I think I like it.  It didn't taste the way I had expected but no complaints here!  I paired it with a carton of milk for old times sake, though sadly there was no's a struggle.  After class I forced my self to work on a paper for a bit and headed over to Fridays at the Quad with some friends.  F.A.Q.s are awesome events that Tulane puts on every Friday where they bring in yummy local food and local bands to our main quad and it's all FREE. Music to my broke college student ears.  This week was Jimmy John's, a sandwich chain that apparently is famous in the Mid West-I had never heard of it, I had a mini veggie sub which was decent but not amazing.  It hit the spot though-and it's free, can't complain :).
I munched on the chips later that evening...spicy cajun is spicy!  Only in New Orleans would they have chips called crawtators...gotta love it!  We hung out for a bit enjoying the gorgeous weather then decided to go the dining hall to get some more substantial food.  I split an un-pictured PB&J with my friend along with another bowl of fruit and yogurt similar to the one I had at breakfast.  The days are starting to get a bit crisper, which in New Orleans is a chilly mid-seventies with a breeze but I've been loving it! Throw me a few more rainy days and I'll be a happy camper. A family member recently sent me their old rain jacket in the mail too, so of course I'm ready to rock that on campus too.  Pardon it's largeness and my awkward selfie-ness (it was for my Mama)
To celebrate October my dorm held a small Fall Festival with music and s'mores and all things pumpkin. I love hanging out with friends outside on gorgeous evenings like today's, events like this remind why I love my school.  I was feeling weirdly snacky today so I split a pumpkin muffin with my roommate at the was perfect.  Everything in moderation!  Camp out with a movie on the Quad tonight and perhaps more adventures? Have I mentioned that I love my school?

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Hola Fitblr World!

Hi, my name's Erin :)  I'm a freshman in college studying Public Health and Latin American Studies at Tulane University in New Orleans! I've struggled with weight, disordered eating and stress in the past but I've found that nothing makes me feel better like a healthy lifestyle does.  Life in a dorm brings some challenges, especially because I'm a vegetarian (occasional pescatarian - this is NOLA after all!).  I'm just trying to balance class, work, friends, exercise and some yummy food (healthy or otherwise) and I'm always open to new ways to do so.  I've been a fitblr connoisseur for a few years now and decided to finally take the leap into making my own- hopefully someone will read it! From dining hall adventures to dorm microwave cooking I'll share my life as I try to navigate this crazy thing called college with some veggie love thrown in.  C'est la vie!

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