Sunday, October 21, 2012

Study Sunday Funday

It was a gorgeous day in the 504 but sadly I spent little of the enjoying it...oh well, another one will come soon I'm sure :) Breakfast! I had some scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheddar cheese, strawberry yogurt with sliced almonds and potatoes.  I got a small bowl of pineapple and grapes too after they finally put out the fruit (the dining hall sadly isn't the most time efficient). 
After breakfast it was to the library (again) for some productive time.  It went a lot better today than yesterday, though I still feel gross generally...such unfortunate timing.  While there I had had some brain power fueled by a cute little banana.
The library has become a refuge for me, it's weirdly de-stressing for me and I'm able to get a lot done so I don't really mind spending so much time in it lately.  The life of a college kid ;) Lunch was late and all I wanted was soup.  Luckily they did have a vegetarian option and it sounded yummy-I love when things work out! It was corn and potato chowder and I paired it with a spinach salad topped with beets (!!!), tomatoes, and a little bit of chopped hard boiled eggs.
Some praline Blue Bell ice cream (so southern, right?) may have been devoured afterwards...I knocked out a bit more work then spent the lazing around, talking on the phone, pinteresting, and watching netflix.  A pretty good afternoon...I felt munchie so I had the last of my apples and some pretzels with a bit of white chocolate wonderful-love this stuff, so much.  It's almost time for a new jar. 
For a late dinner I had a veggie burger topped with honey mustard, on a whole wheat bun and surprise! a spinach salad.  This time with tomatoes, shredded mozzarella and beets.  Sorry for the rough picture, I was distracted and ready to dig in.
  My night has since been filled with a quick dorm meeting, and lots and lots of Myers-Briggs tests.  It has become the fascination of our floor for some reason? I love it though, they're weirdly accurate and it's very interesting to hear everyone's!  I'm an ENFJ, the same as Barack Obama! So proud...if only Michelle and I were the same.

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