Saturday, October 20, 2012


That is how I've felt today.  And for the past week or two.  Just bleh.  Everything hurts, I keep getting nausea and dizzy spells, every once in a while I get random stomach cramps and my head feels heavy all the time.  And on top of that I feel exhausted for no particular reason and yet I can't sleep.  Bleh :(. I finally bit the bullet and went to the health center first thing this morning but they were utterly unhelpful.  Being sick at school is the worst.  Nothing makes me miss home more...Whatever, I'm dealing, shit happens-to the day's eats!  I met some friends at the dining hall for breakfast before I went to the health center.  Nothing sounded great so I went with some tried and true oatmeal. 
I mixed in brown sugar, raisins and half of a banana.  I also had the other half of my banana and a little bowl of plain scrambled eggs-yeah, my appetite is a strange one.  After I left the health center I vented to my Mom on the phone for a little bit (always helps!!) then grabbed my books and headed to the library to get some studying done.  While I was there I munched on some mini pretzels which in retrospect isn't the quietest for the library...oops!  I was havin trouble focusing so after a few hours I called it quits and went to the dining hall for lunch.

I forgot to take a picture but I had a grilled cheese sandwich, a small spinach salad with beets and grape tomatoes, and a bowl of grapes with some strawberry yogurt.  I hoped a power nap would help my head but instead I layed in bed for the afternoon on the internet and watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix because I couldn't fall asleep.  That's one of the worst feelings ever-just let me sleep please!!  I wasn't super hungry because of my lazy afternoon so i warmed up some soup in my microwave.  Canned soup has come in handy many a time since I've been here, it's a great staple to have. 
I paired it with a handful of whole wheat Ritz crackers.  Soup always tastes better in an elephant mug!  I'm keeping a low profile tonight, hoping I'll start feeling better and this mystery illness will pass.  Fingers crossed! Throughout the night I've snacked on an apple with Justin's honey peanut butter and some fruit gummies from Target (my guilty pleasure ;)). 

Good night world-here's to tomorrow!  Things always seem better in the morning right?

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